How does it work?

Puzzle auswählen
Select puzzle:

You choose your favorite motif and order the 1,000 piece puzzle home.




Puzzle zusammensetzen
puzzleput together:

Get to grips with the works of art intensively and in peace. By putting the individual pieces of the puzzle together, you can discover and experience the motif for yourself.




Kunstdruck bestellenChoose art print:

Order your art print as a reward. In the packaging you will find a code with which you can order your limited art print. You can choose between the sizes A4 inclusive, A3 19.00, A2 39.00 and A1 89.00.0€) wählen.



Nachhaltig freuenPreserve memory:
As soon as you order your art print, we will put your numbering on the print. This will turn the puzzle experience into a long-term memory and your entry into the limited art market.




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